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What is Snowbird Auto Transport Service and how it enhances the Relocation Experience

Snowbird Auto Transport Service

Snowbird is a person who travels from North to South in the fall and South to North in spring.  If you travel to the South to avoid severe winter in the North, you are a Snowbird.  Snowbird season is from November to March.  Our Snowbird Auto Transport Service sometimes referred to as snowbird car transport service provides Drivers to relocate cars by driving them for the bi-annual relocation.

Driving cross country is challenging and stressful. Our Snowbird vehicle transport services make this journey comfortable, safe, and pleasurable.

Snowbird Season – when does it arrive

At the end of October, the snowbird travel period starts as temperatures start to drop. Late fall is the right time to relocate to the South before the start of significant snowfall in the North. Bookings for snowbird car shipping services start filling in at this time.  Click here to get a free no-obligation quote or call us at (800) 639-1656, Monday thru Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm central time.

Why Snowbirds relocate in Winter

Winter can be too harsh and uncomfortable for people not used to or born and raised in the North. In general, it is hard for senior citizens to withstand the severe cold. Some people hate winters and want to escape the frigid Northern weather and cold winds. 

Constant snow and rain are not suitable for the elderly; they may severely impact their physical strength and well-being. You could be someone who hates wearing heavy clothes and prefer light clothing all year long. Moving to your favorite location in the South becomes more enjoyable in the winter with endless sunny days. Furthermore, people with asthma ought to avoid sub-zero temperatures at all costs.

According to an Atlantic post, people living in colder Northern areas require more calories to stay alive and active. The scientists reveal that due to extreme cold, metabolism and thyroid function also declines in the elderly. That means that as the temperature drops significantly in the North, long-term exposure to cold can adversely impact their mental and physical health.

Snowbird Car Transport Service – how does it work

A vehicle relocation or transport service facilitates snowbirds in transferring their vehicles from one location to another. We, at Professional Drivers, offer experienced drivers to move the cars by driving them to the desired location.

A reliable and trusted vehicle transport service provider can enhance your relocation experience significantly.

For reliable snowbird auto transport services, the relocation process works in three steps:

1. A Free Quote 

The first step in booking a snowbird auto relocation service is to get an online quote for the Professional Drivers Snowbird Auto transport service. If you prefer, you can call to talk to a live person by calling (800) 639-1656, Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 5 pm central time. There are various options to select to address your relocation needs.

2. Schedule a Time with Snowbird Car Transport

Once you decide the pickup date, venue, and time, you can sign a service contract with the car transport service. Leave your worries related to snowbird auto transportation to them. 

3. Snowbird Car Transport Quick Car Delivery Process

Your driver will pick up your vehicle on the scheduled day and time. You can send your belongings, pets, or even you could ride with the driver. When your vehicle reaches its destination, you will have experienced hassle-free, stress-free snowbird auto transport service.

Why Professional Drivers is the Trusted Name

Transporting or moving your car with belongings using airline cargo or a trucking service may become more expensive and complicated than you can ever imagine. Driving a vehicle for days cross-country can be challenging for anyone, let alone a senior. Professional Drivers provide door-to-door snowbird car transport in a hassle-free mode. You can hire our professional drivers to drive your cars to a Southern location safely. 

Professional Drivers is a reputable snowbird car transport service with millions of accident-free relocations miles. Our snowbird chauffeuring services provide you unique benefits no other car moving service offers. In the snowbird season, customers like to hire our drivers’ services due to myriad reasons: 

  •  The availability of expert drivers to meet their relocation needs. 
  • We offer cost-effective rates and options.
  •  Professional Drivers provide a stress-free booking system for your snowbird auto transport process.
  • We offer credit card payment options along with other modes of payment.
  •  Our logistics experts are available during regular business hours to answer any snowbird car relocation questions or concerns.

Snowbird Transport – Final thoughts

Snowbirds desire to avoid severe weather. They spend winter in the South and summer in the North. They need to transport their vehicles, belongings, and pets bi-annually.  Snowbird car shipping service is the best solution for a stress-free relocation experience.

We, at Professional Drivers, strive to satisfy our clients during the snowbird season by providing stress-free, professional, nationwide, door-to-door vehicle transport service.  A positive customer review is our badge of honor. 

Click here to get an obligation-free quote, or call us at (800) 639-1656.

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