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Personalized safe pet transport with our pet express service

Personalized pet transportation services by Professional Drivers transport your pets in the luxury and comfort of your car. Our VIP (Very Important Pet ) moving service takes the worry out our your furry friend's relocation needs. Our experienced drivers ensure the safe and timely arrival of these family members.

Whether you are just moving to your winter residence to a new job or military PCS. Your pet transportation is a significant concern. Flying your dog may be a fatal decision. Your pet is not cargo, no matter what the airlines tell you. Moving companies and car shipping outlets are not an option. Flying your pet is usually very expensive and has many drawbacks.

Why not engage a professional car and driver service which has been relocating pets for over thirty-five years to accomplish this task. Personalized pet express services ensure urgent, timely delivery at your door. Pet travel by professionals who care about your pets. ( We are not a pet shipping company who may put fido in a van with ten 0r twelve other "guests").

Our long-distance pet chauffeurs offer personalized transport of these cherished family members. Our drivers, pet lovers themselves, treat this job as if they owned your pet. Remarkable handling of all their needs. We know you don't want to turn your pet over to just anyone With our TLC Service Your reunion will result in many pet kisses and happy tails wagging.

Superior Pet Relocation Service for Dogs, Cats & Parrots, and others

If you are a pet owner, you will know the special bond and love between you and these furry critters. Your pets have probably replaced your grown children as a very important member of your family. Whether you are just moving to your winter residence to a new job or military PCS. Your pet transportation is a significant concern you will have. This job can be overwhelming. The internet has so many choices, but what happens if I choose the wrong company. Making the wrong choice could be a fatal decision.

When you look just at the categories, many companies are listed under Live animal, shipping services, pet and animal transportation, ship animals, pet shipper, pet movers, ship animals, I find these titles pretty unappealing. This may a good time to talk about scams. How do you know which company to use? Check their references!

Why Choose Professional Drivers for Pet Relocation?

Professional Drivers has been operating for a third of a century.

  • When we are entrusted with the responsibility of moving your pet along with your car, it is an undertaking that we take seriously. (our company has traveled more than 9 million accident- free miles)
  • Protecting your personal property has always been our number one priority. Taking care of your pets is no different.
  • We service the contiguous Continental United States and Canada.
  • We do not require crates for our dog passengers. Leashes will be worn at all times. Our feline friends must remain in their carriers at all times.
  • We do not transfer group of pets at once, unless they belong to the same family. Your pets will receive the personal attention they deserve

Our Process of Pet Relocation:

  • Placing your pets in a familiar vehicle along with his favorite toy is just the start of this cross country road trip.
  • We ask you to put bottled water in your car, so when we stop for gas, we can water your dog before taking him for a walk.
  • At night your pets come into a room, at a pet-friendly motel, with the driver.
  • We try to feed your pets on their schedule, and if need be, their medications also

A smooth move for your pets. Does this sound appealing to you? When you get reunited with your pets, there will be nothing but doggies kisses and happy tails wagging.

Many people no longer like or will fly. With our car driving services, many people are using one of our long-distance chauffeurs to take them to their destination. You can place your pets in your car at the same time. Completely stress-free door to door relocation at its finest.

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