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Pet Express

Many people think when they are relocating, that the only way to transport their pets is to fly them.

(This could prove to be a deadly decision.)  Please don’t take our word for it.

Flying my pet is not the only way to travel with your pet.  Does your pet look like a piece of baggage to you? It does to the airlines.

Remember your last flight? The airline probably treated you poorly. Imagine how the airlines operate with passengers that cannot talk.

When traveling with dogs and cats, our pet-loving drivers know we are transporting a VIP (Very Important Pet.)

Professional Drivers Pet Express Services utilizes your vehicle in the transportation of this valuable family member. Riding in the comfort of the owner’s car gives your pet the added security of being in a familiar vehicle rather than a pet taxi- or a strange van with many other guests.

Most of our customers use this service when the pet’s owner is going to be relocating either permanently or just going back and forth to their second home.

How does our Pet Express Services work?

A pet-loving driver will be selected for your move. More than likely, your driver will have a dog or cat at home. He will be knowledgeable in the care and maintenance of these pets. When we stop for fuel, our driver will take your dog for a walk and will place a bowl of water out. (We suggest putting bottled water in your car where it will be handy to reach.) The bottled water will prevent the possibility of upsetting your pet’s digestive tract. At night your driver and pet will be stopping at a pet-friendly motel. We always attempt to feed, water, and give medications on your pet’s schedule.

Does this sound like pet cargo to you?  We are sure you will agree that this is more like luxury pet travel.

We dedicate time to dog and cat transport. The dogs do not have to be crated; however, your cat will remain in its travel case the entire trip. Experience has taught us that if a cat gets out, it may not come back. We also will take birds and other pets. We have professionally chauffeured bunny rabbits, chickens, and turtles.

Military PCS

As a veteran-owned family small business, please don’t forget we take excellent care of your military pet moves too.

You have just received your orders that you are going to get another permanent change of station, PCS.

This means uprooting your entire family as well as your pets.

A military pet is no different from a civilian pet. They have the same stress and pose the same problems for their owners.

Professional Drivers is a company that specializes in CONUS to CONUS auto driveway. A car delivery service that puts you in charge. You set the pickup and delivery dates you want. You are not being held hostage by a traditional auto mover company. We provide a car driver that transports your vehicles.

The auto transport company that your TMO provider has chosen for you is not allowed by federal regulations to take your personal belongings or transporting your pets.

Just another problem we can help you overcome efficiently and professionally.

When is a pet, not a pet? When he’s yours!

At Professional Drivers moving pets in the continental United States is a full-time profession for us, not just a sideline. We realize your pet is an essential member of your family. Our Pet Express Services are safe and convenient. It takes much stress off you and your pet.

Our pet-loving drivers give the extraordinary care your pet would receive at home.

Need more information, contact us.  Get a free quote to get your vehicle relocation quote which will include your pet moving cost 800 639 1656 or

When your pets arrive, there will be nothing but happy tails wagging and lots of doggy kisses.

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