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What a hassle it was last year. The auto transport company was days late showing up, and I was worried about the car’s arrival, it took over nine days before the car arrived. When it finally arrived, it was filthy and out of gas.

I wish there were an auto driveaway company that worked on my schedule.

Professional Drivers is a leading provider of the nationwide door to door relocation services. We are a veteran-owned small business. We have been in operation for over a third of a century. We have traveled over nine million accident-free miles. Our drivers work with us on a fulltime basis after a full background check. (Most of the drivers are retired business executives. Many have military or law enforcement backgrounds.) When you hire us for the relocation of your vehicle, we allow as much of your personal belongings to accompany us at no charge. Our car and driver services are unmatched by any other car shipping or car transport companies.

Where we specialize in expedited vehicle transport, we can deliver anywhere you want. We have access to gated communities, condos, private residences, and if we pre-plan, we can meet you at the airport where you will be arriving. How convenient, you get your car curbside clean, full of gas, personal belongings, and you’re ready to go. “Car delivery simple and convenient.”

Did we forget to mention car driving with your pets is a specialty of Professional Drivers? See our Pet Express Services. “This vital member of your family will have his personal, professional driver for this road trip. A familiar car packed with your pet’s favorite toys driven by a driver who loves pets too. At night your pet will be spending the evening in the comfort of a pet-friendly motel.

On the journey to your winter home, if you have too much to pack in your in your car, we can tow a U-Haul trailer.

Professional Drivers are faster, safer, and more convenient than your traditional car shipping companies. If you hate to fly- problem solved. We will provide a long-distance chauffeur who works on your schedule. We will drive the hours you feel comfortable riding, stop at the hotels you like, and eat at restaurants you want. If you would like to see family and friends on the way, we can arrange that also.

Our customers know we outperform Amtrak, the auto train, and our competitors

We operate in the continental United States and have the authority to serve to and from Canada. The most popular snowbird areas are driving to Arizona, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Navarre Beach or Canada we go anywhere you want to be.

Unfortunately, we do not operate in Mexico. We will take the vehicle from inside the United States to and from the borders. Specific terms and conditions apply.

Safer, faster, and more convenient than trucking.

You owe it to yourself to look into our service.

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Professional Drivers is the only drive away company that guarantees your complete satisfaction

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