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Our mission is to provide a genuinely exceptional relocation experience to our clients, both civilian and military. We leverage over 35 years of expertise to facilitate seamless, cost-effective vehicle relocation.

Professional Drivers is a leading provider of nationwide door-to-door car driver service. Our elite team of logistics professionals will arrange and transport your vehicle with care from start to finish. We provide reliable car delivery services for both individuals and companies.

Moving is a devastating and stressful event. It is physically tiring. Do you want to add a road trip on top of this? Why not take the extra weight of the car driving off your plate by using a long-distance relocation service?

Professional Drivers have been in the car transport business for over a third of a century. We have driven more than nine million accident-free miles.

We personalize your nationwide door to door drives. We are faster, safer, and more convenient than trucking.

Professional Drivers is a veteran-owned small business that serves the Auto Delivery markets, both civilian and military.

We are a company that allows personal belongings in your vehicle when we move it. Our pet express services take the stress off a vital member of your family.

If, for any reason, you cannot or hate to fly, you too can accompany us on your relocation journey; we will provide a long-distance chauffeur.

Professional Drivers uses only fully-vetted drivers who have undergone complete background checks. Most of our drivers are retired business executives who also have military or law enforcement backgrounds. You will have access to the driver’s cell phone and will be kept up-to-date as to the progress of this trip.

Professional Drivers will provide drivers for your U-Haul or Penske type trucks. We tow trailers.

We service the continental United States, to and from Canada, as well as all import/export piers, including the Ports of Baltimore and Seattle.

No service to Mexico is available.

We are faster than all car shipping companies, which do not allow personal belongings in the vehicle. They are prohibited from doing this under federal law. Some may permit up to two suitcases not a lot when you consider Professional Drivers lets you pack your entire vehicle.

Because we are not using a truck, we get into gated communities, military bases and can meet you at the airport as you get off your flight.

Your vehicle is full of fuel, clean, and all the belongings you’ve packed in your vehicle are waiting. No Ubers, no shuttles, no rental cars. Pure convenience!

When using a truck, you may not be getting door to door service. Your vehicle arrives filthy and out of fuel. It may take two people and another car to drive to a terminal to pick it up.

More specialized services:

We provide drivers for your U-Haul rental trucks, and we tow trailers. Our car driving services are not just limited to cars; we drive pickups, light trucks, including DOT registered and noncommercial specialty vehicles and RVs.

We do it no matter what you call it; Car Transport, Auto Transport, Vehicle Transport, Driveaway, Car delivery, auto-driveaway, move a car. Drivers are provided for long-distance chauffeuring using your vehicle or a rental.

Pet travel a specialty with our pet express services.

Let us put our experience to work for you in your next car delivery service.

Get a free no-obligation quote. 800 639 1656 or If you are in the military, let our logistics expert know to insure your military discount.

Questions, please call our office. The more you know about us, the easier it will be for you to find out which of our services is best for your situation.


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