Hate To Fly

Interstate long-distance Chauffeur Services

In these days of so many health concerns, many people are dreading flying. Why not hire a long-distance chauffeur to drive you safely to your destination in the safety of your car. This car driving service is perfect for people who hate to fly: a great way to move your car and your personal belongings.

We live in some uncertain times, but we still have places we have to be.
Even before the COVID-19 Virus, many people hated to fly.

• Flying notoriously involves plenty of stress. Last-minute gate changes, too-close-to-call layovers, the indignity of airport security.
• That Passengers who arrive at the airport sick. They sneeze and cough the entire time.
• Recycled air in the plane.

The list goes on. The has to be a better way.

Professional Drivers provide long-distance transportation from any city in the United States. Door to door service even to the areas which are hard to reach.

The sheer convenience of having your professional chauffeur driving you in the luxury of your car can not be beaten. A car driver who is responsive and gives you incredible service. No flight attendants, airline delays, no long lines waiting to go through security.

Most importantly, you are not having the risk of exposures by breathing recycled air.

Your personal belongings, your spouse, and pets accompany us on this road trip. You are in charge of the hours you want to ride, where we are going to stop, and what you would like to eat plus the time you want to get started.

Imagine the thrill of having car driving stress no longer part of this chauffeuring experience. Zipping along watching the scenery from ground level makes this drive so pleasant.

See what one of our customers thinks about our service.

"Hello Ellen,

First of all, I want to let you know how much I appreciated having Ken drive me. I was quite nervous about driving with a man I didn't know; however, he was a true gentleman with a very interesting conversation and some pretty funny stories. I felt so secure that we changed directions after day one from Detroit to Syracuse that I really appreciated. It is normally only a 2 1/2-hour trip home from Syracuse, much better than a 7+ hour drive from the Detroit border. It took an additional 2 hours at the border because of the rush of Canadians returning to Canada.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ken as a driver and will ask for him when I use your service in the future. I will also recommend your service to others. I don't have Facebook or any other social website.

~Thank you, Diana"

Why Long-Distance Chauffeur Service is the right choice for you?

Here is how our process works:

  • Before we assign your long-distance driver, you'll have the opportunity, if you want, to talk with your driver before the trip.
  • We discuss your itinerary, the hours we are anticipating driving, routes, and alternate routes depending on the weather.
  • Special needs or requirements you may have.
  • Brand of hotels and food types you are partial too: starting and stopping times, and anything else you want to discuss.
  • We usually work twelve hours a day: ten hours driving and two hours for fueling eating and restroom breaks. If you can't do this many hours, we will adjust the timing to meet your requirements, and you will also be able to choose the lodging, restaurants you prefer.
  • You can stop and visit with your friends and family along the way.
  • If this sounds too complicated, you can leave all the details up to us.

We do have some discounts along the way, which we are happy to share with you.

How is Professional Drivers different?

  • Our professional drivers work with us on a full-time basis.
  • They mostly are retired business executives, most with military or law enforcement experience.
  • They do not smoke or eat in your car. The radio is again up to you.
  • Our drivers are all professional chauffeurs; they are safe and caring and will meet all of your needs.
  • We offer incredible customer service – flexible, courteous services.
  • Professional Drivers has been in business for one-third of a century. We have traveled more than nine million accident-free miles. We are a veteran-owned small family business.

Our Mission is to provide a genuinely exceptional relocation experience to our clients.

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