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Hate To Fly

If You Hate to Fly, Why Not Ride with Us?


What a hassle flying has become. Long lines at TSA checkpoints, Weather causing long delays, even when the weather at your departure is excellent. Ridiculously poor service from the airlines. Getting sick from your fellow travelers.

There is an old saying “If you have time fly if you don’t drive.”

Why not let Professional Drivers provide a long-distance chauffeur for this road trip or cross-country adventure. We drive while you enjoy the scenery, or it will allow you to work.

Here is how it works. Before we assign your long-distance driver, you’ll have the opportunity, if you want, to talk with your driver before the trip. We discuss your itinerary, the hours we are anticipating driving, routes, and alternate routes depending on the weather. Special needs or requirements you may have. Brand of hotels and food types you are partial too: starting and stopping times, and anything else you want to discuss. We usually work twelve hours a day: ten hours driving and two hours for fueling eating and restroom breaks. Let’s say you can’t do this many hours, that’s fine. We will adjust the timing to meet your requirements, and You will also be able to choose the lodging, restaurants you prefer. You can stop and visit with your friends and family along the way. If this sounds too complicated, you can leave all the details up to us.

We do have some discounts along the way, which we are happy to share with you.

Our professional drivers work with us on a full-time basis. They mostly are retired business executives, most with military or law enforcement experience. They do not smoke or eat in your car. The radio is again up to you.

Our drivers are all professional chauffeurs; they are safe and caring and will meet all of your needs.

Professional Drivers has been in business for one-third of a century. We have traveled more than nine million accident-free miles. We are a veteran-owned small family business.

We invite you to read our car transport reviews.

Our pricing is customized based on your needs, depending on the size of your car, we will allow no more than four customers and one pet. Fewer passengers, more pets. You must be able to take care of and walk your pets. (If you cannot, we too can take care of that chore at an additional charge.)

One small thing for you to know. You have hired us to do all the driving. We must adhere to that rule.

This relocation adventure is not only efficient; it may be fun for you.

You don’t want to trust just anybody with this precious cargo,

There are many details to go over with you, so it’s best to call 800 639 1656 or www.info@professionaldrivers.com

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