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Corporate car and non- commercial truck relocation

Corporate car relocation our specialty. Relocation of cars and light trucks Nationwide and Canadian corporations of all sizes. We feature on-demand solutions for business needing driver fleet management vehicles: Cars SUV’s pickup trucks company RV’s and trucks under 26,000 pounds.

Our nationwide door to door delivery system boosts a 95% on-time factor. Easy communications ensure safe on-time delivery of your vehicles, and if there are any changes to the schedule, they can be taken care of before there are any expensive mistakes. Our company offers thirty-five years of auto relocation experience in both the Civilian and Military markets; We understand your position for on-time delivery. It is our mission to deliver on your schedule


We have been solving the most complicated delivery problems for over one-third of a century for both Fortune 500 companies as well as family-owned businesses.

Most traditional auto trucking companies are experiencing driver shortages. We are not. Where we physically drive all vehicles to their destination, we are always faster, safer, and more convenient than trucking— this allows us to meet our clients, your employees, where they choose. We can meet them at the airport, as they come off their flight, the office, in gated communities, or anywhere else they want.

Transport Trucks Vs. Professional Drivers

Not using transport trucks, especially where you are relocating personnel, allows us to bring as much of their personal belongings and to transport pets within their private vehicle. Not using terminals, not having to stop at most weight stations means faster delivery. Not using trucks eliminates the possibility of dents and dings of going up and down on the carriers. When your company car rides over the truck cab, no matter how good the truck driver is, it will guarantee your vehicle is going to be pelted with road debris. If not appropriately secured, you may wind up with suspension damage.

When Professional Drivers deliver, your car is clean, with full tank of fuel, and on time. We set ourselves apart from other transport companies with our impeccable service by actually driving your vehicles, we do not fall under many of the DOT regulations. Did you know driving is actually good for the modern vehicles? It resets the engine computer; it will lubricate critically moving parts, it burns out carbon deposits, and will eliminate water that resides in the fuel tank, exhaust, and catalytic converters.

Our expedited service, which is our standard service, comes at no additional charge. We guarantee pickup and delivery dates: even weekends and minor holidays, as long as safety can be maintained. Our average coast to coast delivery time is six days. This ensures your relocation is quicker than traditional methods. Imagine how good the fleet manager is going to look.
Communication is vital. You will have direct access to your driver by his cell phone. This way, any problems can be eliminated before they happen.

Personalized Car Transport Service

Professional Drivers never brokers your vehicle out. One driver will be assigned to your car and will be responsible to you for the entire trip. Many vehicle transport companies are forced to use terminals. When they ship your vehicles, this slows down the corporate car relocation process and increases the likely hood of damage. Keeping these cars idle causes your people to be less productive.

Our drivers, the best in the industry, have logged over nine million accident-free miles. Most of our elite team are retired business executives with military or law enforcement backgrounds; they are required to pass a full background check.

Professional Drivers operates Nationwide in the Continental United States featuring door to door delivery. We service all import and export piers, including the Port of Baltimore. Service to and from Canada is available; however, no domestic Canadian service is available. No service to or from Mexico

Professional Drivers has been providing drivers for all Emergency Response Vehicles responding to significant tornadoes and hurricanes for a major media company. We kept them broadcasting and saved countless lives!

Are you tired of why things cannot get done on your schedule from your present provider?

Professional Drivers deliver results, not excuses.

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