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Campus Delivery

I wanted to share with you a story of how Professional Drivers got involved in delivering cars to and from college campuses. I am Tony Bellefond founder and CEO of Professional Drivers.

Being a typical parent, even I worried about my daughter every time she got behind the wheel of her car. (Being in this business, I spent more time with her giving her the finer points of driving, but even so, I worried, I couldn’t help that being dad.) When you think about driving, cars can be hazardous.

One afternoon our daughter received a letter stating she was accepted by her first-choice college. After the joy of this event, my wife and I never really gave it a second thought. A couple of weeks before her departure to her college in North Carolina, a mere 900 miles away, panic set in. How was she going to get there? Drive, of course, was my first answer.

(My life, in those days, was driving approximately seven hundred miles a day at seventy-five miles an hour sometimes six days a week. It was second nature to me, not my daughter.)

For an inexperienced driver, interstate driving is very dangerous, speed, trucks, and perhaps foul weather panic set in. I began to think about what I had seen over the many years I had been doing this. She would be stopping for gas and exposing herself to potentially dangerous situations at fuel stops. Having my eighteen-year-old daughter looking for a motel and staying by herself, I felt this was a safety issue in today’s world that I was not ready to accept. After thinking about this, there was no way I would allow her to drive herself. I felt compelled to rearrange my schedule and we were going to North Carolina together. We shared the driving; it gave me an excellent opportunity to teach and share my experience with her.

My wife, a master packer, loaded up her car with everything we thought she was going to need a computer, tv, clothes and just about everything in her room to start campus life.

I did not overthink this. It suddenly hit me a few weeks later what if another set of parents just as concerned about their child needing a car at school but not having time off from work to physically drive.

Our campus service established in 1996 was received well and has been successful in saving countless lives and is a tremendous convenience to many parents. Our nationwide door to campus car driving service is a real time-saver for many parents. Instead of having to take much time off from work, it is condensed to the time mom and dad can spare. The car is professionally chauffeured with as much of your child’s belongings as you can get into the vehicle. Many times, we meet our clients at the airport as they get off the plane. The car arrives full of fuel and clean. This eliminates the needs and costs of getting ground transportation. It will save a lot of time.

Everybody arrives stress-free, which may not have happened if you have spent the last four days driving cross country.

You are probably thinking this is going to be expensive, but it’s not when you consider your safety and that of your family. The convenience of having your personal property delivered along with your car is like having your own moving company. You will save yourself much money and traffic aggravation by not having to take time off from work, and you will achieve the same results if you had done the vehicle transportation yourself.

You owe it to yourself to call the elite team of auto transporters at Professional Drivers.

Get your no-obligation quote today. College is going to be out for the year very shortly, and you certainly don’t want to be without a professional car driver.

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