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Book a Driver Service – What, Why, and How

What is Book a Driver Service?

Driving long-distance is stressful and tiring for most people. Seniors and young inexperienced drivers are especially vulnerable to fatigue and stress when driving long-distance for several hours at a stretch. When individuals and families relocate across the country, they need help moving in a U-Haul truck. Family vacations in RVs or buses are a lot more fun when driving is done by professionals.  Snowbirds moving south for the winter prefer to book a driver to drive their car, along with their pets, belongings, and sometimes they go along for the ride. Our book a driver service provides professionally trained, experienced, and courteous drivers for all these and many other types of trips where they are needed.  Book a Driver - Get a Quote

Why Book a Driver?

A professional driver has decades more of experience on the road. He has driven many types of vehicles; cars, SUVs, trucks, with or without towing, in many different road and weather conditions.

To book a driver for a long-distance trip, to drive your vehicle is a wise decision for a safe journey. Suppose you or your loved ones do not have the experience, strength, or desire to take on the stress of cross-country, long-distance driving. In that case, a professional driver will save the day.

When college students need to take their car to college, it is dangerous to let them drive hundreds of miles. Booking a driver to deliver their vehicle to the campus is a safe choice.

How to Book a Driver

When you finalize the destination and timing of your trip, visit our get a quote page to fill out a quote request form.

We will contact you with pricing and other details to finalize the booking.

Our Process and Options

To request a quote, you will need to know the trip's starting point and ending points. Exact addresses are not required; just City, State, or Zip Code will be enough.

We will need to know the type of vehicle. We offer services for cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, Van, RV, Trucks under 26,000 lbs, and U-Haul or Penske trucks. Yes, you can hire a driver to drive a U-Haul or Penske truck during your cross-country move.

To book a driver for a long-distance trip, you have the option to tow or fill your vehicle with belongings, send your pets along. You can also ride along with us if you like.

Contact Us

Please call us at (800)639-1656 Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Central time. We look forward to helping you book a driver for your following long-distance transport needs.

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