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What clients are saying?

“Thanks Tony. This is approved. Bob was great. We will work with you in future.”

“Wanted to tell you that you choose the perfect driver for us.”

Marcia Wilson

“Thx again for another year of truly fabulous service!”

“Thanks again for the incredible effort.”
Gene Assaf

“Thanks for the Great Service!”
Charles Karlewicz

Commander, Special Operations Division
City of Renton Police Department

“Thank you for the update. Your professionalism is comforting. I was going to contact you to confirm today and there you were.”


“Thank you – Everything went very well. Our thanks to ED; he did a great job with the dogs (in addition to getting the car here).”


“Thank you for the outstanding service you and Bob Heppel provided. Meredith gave Bob a cash gratuity when she received the car. We would absolutely recommend your service or call on you again.”

Noreen Chavers

“Dear Tony,

I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with your service. You delivered exactly as promised and the car was returned to me even cleaner than I left it. Rich kept me fully informed at all stages. I will certainly recommend your company to my friends here in South Florida.”


“It was a real pleasure doing business with you! Lolyd was absolutely great to travel with and very conciencious. Should the need arise, I will definitely be in contact with you. I will also recommend you to anyone in need of your services.”

Thanks very much!!!


“Dear Tony,

Again I want to thank you for a job well done. It was a pleasure to talk to Roger. He is a real pro helping me unload my car and for getting it to me in two days. Great Service!

Here is potential customer for your services, …”


Ed Chertok

“Hi Tony,

its Judy Harvey, calling from Florida. I wanted to talk to you over the phone in person. I just wanted to tell you that I am calling to say how wonderful, absolutely wonderful that David Alves was. He was truly wonderful and I thank you so much for getting him and I thank him so much for being available. But I would like to talk to you over the phone just to say thank you for everything… and OK. Talk to you later, bye bye.”

Judy Harvey, Florida

“Hey Tony,

Wow, you did every single thing you promised you would. Rarely have I been so impressed with a company as I am with you and yours. I really appreciate your help. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Dan G., Illinois

“Hi Tony and Professional Drivers,

Just want to say my thanks again to you for such excellent service. God willing I will be returning to Florida in Oct or Nov and will need your services again. Hope you and yours had a good Winter and that 2011 will be prosperous for your company.”

Yours truly
Katherine Picciorelli-Smoll

“Dear Tony,

John and my car arrived safely right on schedule as planned. I appreciate his hard work and the excellent manner in which you and he communicated with me during this process. I would certainly recommend your service based on my experience.”

Thank you so much.
Patricia Maguire

“Dear Professional Drivers,

Yes, I did receive your estimate and I did ultimately use your services. Big big thanks to Tony who worked with me every step of the way. Also to Jim Hurst (your driver) he was a pleasure to meet. I would request to work with both of them again.”

Thank you,
B. Taliesin Siener


Thank you so much. My father in law tells me that “Bettie,” the Passat, arrived looking great. What a wonderful service you provide and it is such a burden off my shoulders.”

Nicole Ponemon

“Hi Ed,

Many thanks for your excellent care of my car — MY ONLY CAR!!You are very responsible and how much I appreciate that.”

Judy Harvey

“Thank you Tony,

Tom was great! Kind, courteous, and helpful. I will definitely contact your company again!”

Judy Blostein


The car was beautiful! Thank you for cleaning it inside and out! Here’s the check and thanks again for a great job.”



Thanks so much – considering all the horror stories we hear about cross-country moves ours was a snap and you contributed most of it!”

Thanks again,
Margo Shrout

“Hi Tony,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did. Jim was great. I will pass your name on to the logistics folks here. Thanks again and I will not hesitate to contact you again in the future.”


“Dear Tony,

I just wanted to thank you for the superb job in transporting my CRV form Connecticut to New Orleans. It was stress free, your driver was a doll and my daughter was happy. After the terrible experiences that I had with other companies before I found you guys I just wanted to say “thank you”. Happy Holidays.”

Aline Libassi, CT


Thank you very much for working with us to bring Stephanie’s car to our home. Cal was very professional and friendly. He kept in touch with us before getting the car and during his drive, coordinating pick-up and delivery times. I will definitely recommend you to everyone who is looking for your services. I felt completely at-ease and confident that Stephanie’s car was in good hands and would be delivered as promised.”

Hope you have a great Summer!

Terry Hightower

“Thanks, Tony

Everything went smoothly with moving the car and dog. Ed did a great job, kept us informed, and everything was on time. I will send you our check.”

Mark Nebel

GIS Specialist, Grand Canyon
National Park

“Hi Tony,

Thanks for the final copy. You and Ed were a pleasure to work with and did a great job for us. I will definitely pass your name along to friends. I really admire your resourceful thinking for this business model. Hope it is a great success! Thanks for everything! Lily found her car just fine per Ed’s careful instructions and is safely back at school. Big relief for the Mommy.”


“Dear Tony:

Your Christmas card reminded me that I hadn’t yet gotten around to writing you to say thanks for the good job getting the car down here. It was parked in the garage when we arrived and no worse the wear. Beautiful weather since we got here except for a couple of recent cold days. Or as we always say, New Hampshire is a wonderful place in the summer!”
Hope you have a great Summer!

Thanks much and best for the holidays,

Warren F. Kimball Jr.
Captiva, FL 33924

“Dear Tony,

Just a note to thank you again for helping me make the transition from Florida to North Carolina. Your advice in so many areas will be invaluable, especially GPS’s and real estate.

I enjoyed our time together to converse and exchange ideas and hopefully I can add you to my list of new found friends in North Carolina.

Thanks again for everything. Call me next time you are near Charlotte.”


“Dear Tony:

I may not win in Atlantic City but we certainly hit the jackpot when we hired your company to take us and our dog to Florida. During our many conversations we developed a rapport that assured me of your sincerity. Then we met our driver, Howard, and I knew that we were winners. Howard provided a safe trip tailored to our individual needs. Who could want for more? WE even had fun.

I have spoken to many of my neighbors in our 55 and older community…so expect a lot of calls. My husband and I would recommend you, Howard and the rest of your staff without reservation.

We look forward to future trips with you and Howard in the equation. Thank you.”

With fondest regards,
Gail Rosenfeld

“Dear Tony,

We are finally settled in our new home here in Florida. I guess we hadn’t anticipated all the things that are involved with selling a house and moving on. So many details to deal with moving from Vermont.

Thank you for taking the stress out of figuring out how to get our vehicle down here. You made everything so easy for us. We especially want to thank Ed, the driver. He was truly a professional. I couldn’t believe when Ed called to tell us he was in the villages. It was amazing. We have told Cark’s brother about your company. He drives down to Florida every winter. When we told him how easy you made it for us, he said it makes more sense the way we did it.

Thanks much and best for the holidays,

Thank you and please say hi to Ed.”

Kathy & Clark Edwards

“Hi Tony

Just to let you know that our trip has been great. Jim is wonderful… our passengers are enjoying the trip too!”

Kevin & Sandra Reid

“Hi Tony,

You, Jim, and your people did a wonderful job, Tony. I will make appropriate praises to the BBB and any industry-type organization if you’ll give me their name or web address. Thanks and every happiness!”

Tom Vosik


Thank you very much for making the process so smooth for Dad. He really appreciated it. The driver was at his door about one hour after he arrived. I certainly will let you know the return plans a soon as I know. I have enclosed a check in the mail today. Thanks again. Thanks to Lou, too.

Thanks again for everything. Call me next time you are near Charlotte.”

Steve Smith

“Dear Tony,

hank you for your most professional service in driving my car down and taking the extra pains in locating me at the Denver airport when our plane was delayed. Also, unexpected, was the immaculate condition of our car when we picked it up. We had no trouble locating it when we followed your directions. We will wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone who wants their car driven, A number of older persons who live here and summer in Michigan might like to have their car driven up. Do you drive from any location to any other location?”

Thanks again,
Jerry Warner

“Dear Bonnie,

On New Year’s Eve Day I called your offices asking for help to transport my brother and sister-in-law from El Paso, TX, back to our home in Austin, TX. They had been on a holiday road trip when my sister-in-law fell and broke her arm. The very same night my brother had a seizure. Neither of them could drive.

I called your organization and was routed to Patti. She provided to me the name of a new affiliate of AAA that she thought could help: Professional Drivers Inc of Manchester, NH.

After a phone call with Tony Bellefond, President, and some follow-up research on the internet I asked them to transport my family. Tony assigned one of his associates who was able to get them home safely in just a few days. All charges were fully explained prior to the expenditure. They were professional and courteous. I would utilize their services again if I ever needed them. I definitely recommend them to you.”

“Thank you” AAA for your service in connecting me with Professional Drivers, Inc!”


Thomas Carbaugh

AAA Member since 1968

“Dear Dora:

Your agency was a God-send to Dave and me. We were moving from Vero Beach, Florida to Austin, Texas with 2 cars and too much junk to fill the cars and too little to ship by van lines.

Then you called, and things started coming together. You listened to my needs and put a moving company in touch with us, and Tony. Tony Bellefond and his company, Professional Drivers Incorporated, took over from there. He allowed us to load our van to the ceiling, meet him at the Orlando airport and head for Austin.

Tony became a friend and mentor immediately and the drive to Austin was almost fun. We learned about Flying J truck stops, GPS guidance systems and highway driving in general from him. We enjoyed our meals together and the ease with which he handled the whole trip. He rode “shotgun” for us and we felt safer.

We have already told all our friends about your help and Professional Drivers’ help so we expect you will receive additional calls within the next year or so. We continue to pass the word along.”


Helen & Dave Garman
Austin, Texas

(Mr. Snyder availed himself of our Hate-to-Fly service.)

“Rich, our driver, was great – professional and very pleasant on a 3-day trip!”

Kerrville, TX

“Dear Tony:

Thank you Tony. You did a great job.”

Joe Burcke

“Thanks, Tony

Everything went smoothly with moving the car and dog. Ed did a great job, kept us informed, and everything was on time. I will send you our check.”

Mark Nebel
GIS Specialist, Grand Canyon National Park

“Dear Tony,

Please find a check enclosed … – the extra is a Thank You for your excellent service. As always your reliability and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated. Have a great spring and Safe Travels.”

All The Best

Joel L

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service you provided to me…not just on my trip from FL to NC, but my initial trip from MD to FL in 2015. Both drivers were cordial, timely and conscious of the rules of the road. I’ve told others of your service, and will continue to do so.”


Caridad V.