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For people who demand a higher level of service than a trucking company can provide


Do you hate crowded airports? let us take you to your destination

If You Hate To Fly Why Not Ride With Us?

  • We have been providing safe, accident-free transportation for a Quarter Century.
  • In fact we have traveled in excess of 8 million accident free miles.
  • Before we let anyone work with us we check out their background including their motor vehicle driving records.

Our unique “Hate to Fly” service provides you with your own personal chauffeur for long-distance driving. You can relax in your own vehicle while we do all the driving.

Our charges are based on a 10-hour day at a rate of $600.00 per day one-day minimum is charged. Hours in excess of 10 will be carried over to the next day. Subsequent charges are based on half-day increments.

If you desire, you will be in charge of the route, choice of motel, restaurants, and total hours driven per day. Or, if you prefer, let us make the decisions while you sit back and relax. We, of course, would be willing to offer our professional advice on routing, fuel and motel stops along with any discounts that we may have. You will be responsible for payment of all expenses as they occur. These expenses include gas, tolls, meals, motel which may include one night before or after actual travel, airfare, and transportation to/from the airport for your driver. Our drivers do not smoke in your vehicle.

What clients are saying?

"Thank you – Everything went very well. Our thanks to ED; he did a great job with the dogs (in addition to getting the car here)."


"Thank you for the outstanding service you and Bob Heppel provided. Meredith gave Bob a cash gratuity when she received the car. We would absolutely recommend your service or call on you again."

Noreen Chavers

"Dear Tony, I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with your service. You delivered exactly as promised and the car was returned to me even cleaner than I left it. Rich kept me fully informed at all stages. I will certainly recommend your company to my friends here in South Florida."