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The Campus Delivery program grew out of a need facing most parents with college-aged kids. How do I get my kids back and forth to campus with all their stuff safely?

Professional Drivers has transported hundreds of vehicles going back and forth to many campuses throughout the US and Canada.

Our drivers are hand selected professional people that not only will transport your child’s car but we allow as much of your personal belonging to be placed in the car. Clothes, electronics, books and anything else like food you want to send. We do all the logistical planning and will plan our arrival at the airport you have chosen to deliver the car too.

Imagine getting off your flight and being met at the curb with your car all full of fuel and freshly washed. (Delivery doe not have to be done at the airport but where ever you choose.) Personal belongs just waiting to be placed in  your child’s new home. Having a leisurely lunch before setting off to buy all the things you never knew you needed.

Best of all, your are totally relaxed knowing your car and your child is safe and sound, and you did not have to take time off from work.

Professional Drivers is over a quarter of a century old. We have traveled almost 9 million accident-free miles .

We come highly recommended, just look at the testimonials on our website.

How Did This Service Start?

As a parent I knew I really did not want my daughter jogging alone on campus let alone driving long distances,, not even with her girlfriends.

The Campus Delivery grew out of a personal need.

My daughter Tina went to college in North Carolina, and at the time we were living in New Hampshire. Although the distance was only 800 miles away, she needed her car for work and active social life at campus but it was just too far for a 19 year old girl to drive.

Just like many other parents we loaded up her car and off to school we went, taking valuable time away from work to make sure our daughter arrived safely on campus.

We found out that as full as her car was more there more stuff we had to shop for to turn her college dorm into her new home. Shopping, shopping and more shopping turned a 3-day trip into almost a week. More time away from work. Just because I was on a mission to get my daughter settled in her “new” home did not make me immune from the day to day operations of my business.

When I look back on the experience I wondered what I could have done differently?  I could have stayed at home an let an inexperienced 19-year-old driver herself. No way with the traffic, fuel stops, and know knowing where she was going even with the GPS I had bought her. I would felt totally out of my comfort zone had I let her go alone.

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